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Focused Expertise

Global Reach Consultants focus on projects that are tech related. These comprise of network design and deployment in the Telecommunications industries to Fintech payment technologies ensuring services rendered are mostly prepaid or payments in arrears are expertly managed to ensure liquidity

Executive Staff Placement

Global Reach will enter into contracts with clients where new markets are established around the globe and are in need of professional C-Level staff. Global Reach will undertake to staff these projects with leadership who will ultimately be transitioned at project handover.

Executive Board Representation

Global Reach has access to highly skilled executives who have spent their lives building companies from the ground up and who now focus on leadership and guidance from startups to developing enterprises. Global Reach provides suitable board members to guide client companies.

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"Best decision ever!"

“Global Reach has helped our organization to create an everlasting line of products, especially with the design, development and deployment of our flagship fintech initiative know as HammerPay. We are eternally grateful to them for providing leadership and guidance to our organization since 2015”
– Michael Sevell, Founder, Board Member and Principal Investor Hammer Technology Holdings Ltd

"New Horizons for our business!"

“We consulted with the leadership at Global Reach when our company was founded back in 2016. As a Swiss based organization, Telecom Financial Services entered the African fintech and telecoms industries guided completely by Global Reach executive consultants. We owe our success to them and remain a dedicated user of their consulting services”
– Eric Maire, Founder and CEO Telecom Financial Services (SA)